The way back

#depression #mentalhealth #suicide #hope

I was crying like a toddler cries. The way they make it seem like the end of the world is about to happen but five seconds and an ice cream later- everything is fine. Only this wouldn’t be cured by a 99 this was the end, absolute total despair. Below me on the first floor were people I had worked with for years. Some of them I had grown to love and two of them were my closest friends in the world. Yet I felt so alone and frightened that the only relief I could see was to die. The blessed relief of blackness, of nothing, of silence seemed bliss and felt the only possible way in the world I could stop the uncontrolable thoughts, the dread,the panic, the fear, the anger and yes the scariest of all, the voices!

This ends well! I’m new to WordPress. As I prepare to return to work I thought it would help to write my experience down and hopefully provide some hope for others. Because there is definately hope I promise!! I hope to write more but for now I’m tired. If anyone could offer me advice on using wordpress I would be grateful or any thoughts on writing about mental health. 

Kind Regards, Nick

United Kingdom